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As an RMA do you often find you are at a crossroads in your business and need direction and guidance to find the way forward?

Our one-on-one mentoring packages are a great way to get on track and move forward to achieve your personal and business goals. Whether you need a quick answer to a question or you want to talk through how to fill gaps in your migration practice, our mentoring packages offer you a solution.

With over 25 years’ industry experience and a thriving business, I have the experience and resources to mentor you so you can expand your vision and take the next steps in building a profitable business that you love.

Having worked with and mentored migration agents over the past 20 years, I have found that there are five key areas that RMAs most seek help about.


Often not a natural talent, RMAs need to develop skills in marketing to be visible in their target audience and obtain new clients. RMAs often struggle with attracting the right clients for them, branding, identify which digital platforms to appear on and how to effectively communicate with a prospect to close a sale.


As an RMA you have to manage a lot of paperwork so it is imperative that you have systems in place to ensure you can meet timelines and maintain records in line with the Code of Conduct. When you have the right systems in place you will save time and money.


Having been an RMA for 25 years I have answered thousands of questions across many visa types and situations. We can’t know everything, but to untangle client queries, I have created a systematic way to handle and respond to enquiries which I would love to share with you.


Communicating both to and on behalf of your client is an essential skill for an RMA. Starting with a blank page can often feel overwhelming. I have learned and applied set to ensure that communications are effective and efficient. I can share these steps with you through working together one-on-one.


Whether you are starting out or have been in practice for several years, it is often hard to know what to charge and how to convey the value of your fees to prospects. Overcoming blocks you might have about money or your-self worth is a starting point to create a fee structure you feel comfortable with sharing with your prospects.

Because we all like to work differently and we have different needs, we have created two mentoring packages:

Migration Mentoring

Ad hoc mentoring support by Sarah Gillis, RMA 9359588

Includes mentoring in areas such as:

  • enquiries: how to approach answering them
  • reviewing prepared applications prior to lodgement
  • discussing specific legislation
  • guidance with drafting submissions
  • preparing case strategies
  • business management and operations.

Includes both telephone and email contact.

COST: $295 per hour +GST

How it works

Submit your registration form by clicking the button below. We will email you an invoice.


When you have a question, either send an email or book in a phone call.


Once you have used your hour, you can purchase an additional hour. Each hour must be used within a three-month period.

Power Hour

A focused one-hour mentoring session with Sarah Gillis, RMA 9359588.

Use your Power Hour to delve deeply into a specific issue or map out a quarterly business plan. Or work through any of the 5 key practice areas that I have identified when working with RMAs over the past 25 years:

  • Marketing
  • Systems
  • Knowledge
  • Writing
  • Financials

The Power Hour gives you focussed time together to work on whatever is holding you back from having the practice you desire.

Sessions take place via Zoom.


1 x Power Hour $395 +GST

3 x Power Hours $997 (299ea) +GST

How it works

Submit your registration form by clicking the button below.


You will be emailed an invoice and once paid a Scheduling Link so you can book in your session.


Once you have used your Power Hour you can purchase another one or book a block of three.

THE RMA NETWORK was founded and is facilitated by Sarah Gillis, an industry leader with 25 years’ experience.

Passionate about the migration industry, Sarah founded THE RMA NETWORK to address the needs of migration agents – many working as sole practitioners or in small practices. The resounding issues described by these agents are isolation, fear of making costly mistakes and lack of knowledge.

Founded on the principles of Connect – Learn – Grow, THE RMA NETWORK brings together migration agents at all levels of practice and experience to tackle these issues through sharing, and learning from each other in a confidential and supportive environment.

Sarah created The Flourish RMA Accelerator Programme because she has seen the benefits of investing in support to grow her business. She wants to now pass on her expertise to other RMA's who want grow thriving businesses.

SARAH GILLIS | Founder & Chief Dream Weaver | 02 9956 6011