The Flourish RMA Accelerator Programme provides you with the opportunity to fill the gaps in your migration knowledge, connect and share with colleagues and learn the tips and tricks that will help you develop your migration career and practice. Please register your interest and join our Waitlist.

Do you want a thriving business and move away from operating as a solo migration agent?

With over 25 years of experience and a thriving business, I will be able to provide you with the resources and mentoring to expand your vision and take actions to build a business.

Would like the support of a small group of like-minded people to help you grow you and your business?

Working on your own can at times be lonely. You will have to collective support of this group to encourage you and hold you accountable to achieving your goals.

Do you have the motivation to grow your business, but recognise you need development in some areas?

Being part of a supportive group will help you grow both personally and professionally. We will identify your skill gaps and work on closing them together.


Plus! there will be bonus trainings, guest speakers and other material for you to access!

Flourish Testimonial

Programme Commitments

The Flourish RMA Accelerator Programme experience is a journey – allowing you time for the exploration of ideas and the development of knowledge, skills and connection. Your participation and commitment will determine your results.

Your Commitment Includes:

  • Being authentic, honest and speaking up for what you want
  • Be willing to take risks and stretch beyond your current experience
  • Celebrating your wins, shifts, achievements and excitement throughout the programme (yes, even the little ones!)
  • Attending each monthly session
  • Supporting your fellow Flourish particpants
  • Focussing during all sessions and avoiding distractions
  • Keeping scheduled one-on-one appointments or advising 24 hours in advance if life unavoidably intervenes
  • Perserving the confidentiality of all conversations held within the group about individuals, their businesses and clients, unless specifically given persmission to share

My Commitment Includes:

  • Sharing in-depth information , knowledge and experience that can help you move forward more quickly than you would on your own
  • Celebrating you wins
  • Challenging you and offering fresh perspectives
  • Sharing new ideas, inspiration and training with you
  • Ensuring you have the time and space you need to participate fully
  • Giving my full focus and attention duing all sessions
  • Preserving the confidentiality of all matters raised within the group unless specifically given permission to share this information outside the group

Your Investment

The 6-month Flourish RMA Accelerator Programme investment is made up of monthly payments of $395+GST

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THE RMA NETWORK was founded and is facilitated by Sarah Gillis, an industry leader with 25 years’ experience.

Passionate about the migration industry, Sarah founded THE RMA NETWORK to address the needs of migration agents – many working as sole practitioners or in small practices. The resounding issues described by these agents are isolation, fear of making costly mistakes and lack of knowledge.

Founded on the principles of Connect – Learn – Grow, THE RMA NETWORK brings together migration agents at all levels of practice and experience to tackle these issues through sharing, and learning from each other in a confidential and supportive environment.

Sarah created The Flourish RMA Accelerator Programme because she has seen the benefits of investing in support to grow her business. She wants to now pass on her expertise to other RMA's who want grow thriving businesses.

SARAH GILLIS | Founder & Chief Dream Weaver | 02 9956 6011